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Xin Biaodian Engineering Management Co. Ltd. was established in February 2006, business scope: construction project management and consulting, project cost consulting, bidding agency, corporate marke

ting planning and management consulting, engineering survey and design, engineering supervision, engineering and technical consulting, construction Project construction, landscaping engineering construction, planting of seedlings, flowers, software development, technology transfer, technical consulting, data processing and storage services, computer software and auxiliary equipment, electronic products, machinery equipment sales, business information consulting.

Since its establishment, the company has achieved outstanding performance. It has successively undertaken bidding and tendering agency services for dozens of projects such as housing construction, highway and bridges, reservoir wells, landscapes, land remediation, and databases in various places in Sichuan. The cost-building business also achieved remarkable results. From the preparation of the list to the audit, each project was well received by the owners.

Team member

Su Bo

General Manager

Lin Shujuan

Director of Tendering Department

Han Junli

Cost Manager

              Professional Qualifications:

  Qualifications of experts in evaluation of bids

                   in Sichuan Province

Experts in evaluation of government procurement

  Registered supervision engineers, and bidders.

Professional Qualifications:

Qualifications for Tendering and Tendering


Professional Qualifications:

Qualifications for Registered Cost Engineers and Tendering Practitioners

Our project shows

To win the logistic socialization with unlimited business services to open up the modern business with service innovation

New model of service industry

Unity and diligence, sincerity and gratitude, pragmatic dedication, innovation

What we did
Bidding Agency Grade A
Project Cost Grade A
Project Management
Planning Consulting
   land consolidation    
   road and bridge    
    water conservancy and hydropower   
 Housing construction    
Government Procurement

                 Win customers with integrity

                    Branded with fine trees

                                                 Manage benefits, promote innovation with innovation  

                                    The customer is supreme, service, excellence, innovation and efficiency

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Provincial Highway S220 Line Aba County to Niigata Township Section New (Reconstruction) Project (Ab

Similar project performance and similar projects individual performance returns
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Focus on solving bidding projects and cost consulting problems! In order to win customers with integrity,

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