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Bidding agency
Engineering cost consulting
Government Procurement

Bidding Agency Grade A

Bear all kinds of engineering tenders


The bidding agency business engaged in procurement of equipment and materials related to exploration, design, construction and engineering construction. Strictly follow the legal norms to help select the best candidates for potential bidders. Taking responsibility for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of bidders and bidders, and performing their duties in a fair manner, they received good evaluations from local construction administrative departments, tenderers and bidders.

Project Cost Class A
In various types of cost consulting ——

The company engages in cost consulting business all the year round, determines and controls the construction cost of the entrusted construction project, and issues the project cost outcome document.

Based in Chengdu, it radiates across the country and its performance covers a number of projects including industrial, housing construction, municipal, and bridge projects.

Planning consultation
Provide planning consulting,project management services ——

Project management means that the project management agency is entrusted by the owner to represent the owner in the entire process or stages of management and service for the organization and implementation of the project. Our company's project management team has a complete professional and technical background and rich experience in project management.

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