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Announcement of Bidding for Land Consolidation Projects in Banli Village, Gaotan Village


Announcementof Bidding for Land Consolidation Projects in Banli Village, Gaotan Village andMozi Village of Lede Town, Rong County

1. Tenderconditions

1.1 This Bidding Project

The landconsolidation project (name of the project) of the villages of Zhangli Village,Gaotan Village and Mozi Village of Lede Town, Rong County has been issued byZigong City Bureau of Land and Resources (approved, approved or documented bythe organization) from Guozi Zifa [2017] No. 372 (Approval) Name and number)approved construction, the project owner is Rong County Land and ResourcesBureau, the construction fund comes from local investment (fund source), the proportionof project investment is 100%, and the bidder is Rong County Land and ResourcesBureau. The project has already met the conditions for bidding and the projectis now undergoing an open tender.

1.2 The bid invitation project is a national investment project constructionproject in the administrative area of Sichuan Province. The tender organizationform of the approval of the Zigong City Land and Resources Bureau (name of theapproving authority) (the tender approval document number is from Guotuzizifa[2017] No. 372) is Entrusted bidding. The bidder’s choice (the project numberof the bidding project on the designated website of the Provincial Developmentand Reform Commission is HG20171220009) is the tendering agency of Xin PundianEngineering Management Co., Ltd

2. ProjectOverview and Bidding Scope

2.1 ConstructionSite: Banli Village, Gaotan Village, Mozi Village, Lede Town, Rong County.

2.2 Constructionscale and main construction content: Land consolidation 14947.5 acres.

2.3 Division ofbids and scope of bids: This tender is divided into one bid for construction;the scope of the project quantity list and construction drawings includes allthe contents.

2.4 QualityObjective: To meet the current national qualification requirements forconstruction acceptance standards and standards for land consolidationprojects.

2.5 Planned Duration: 180calendar days.

3. Bidderqualification requirements

3.1 The bidrequires that the bidder must have the qualification of an independententerprise legal person. It must be awarded Grade III or above of the generalcontracting of water conservancy and hydropower construction issued by theState Construction Administration Department or the third or above of thegeneral contracting of the building construction or the general contracting ofthe highway engineering. Grades and above (extra-provincial constructioncompanies are required to provide valid “Registration Certificate for SichuanProvincial Foreign Construction Enterprises in Sichuan Province” or with“Two-dimensional Code of Sichuan Provincial Out-of-province Construction andSupervisors Entering Sichuan for Contracting Business Information EntryCertificate”). And in the personnel, equipment, funds and other aspects of thecorresponding construction capabilities.

3.2 TheCommonwealth does not accept bids from the Consortium.

3.3 Each biddercan bid on the above bid, but the number of contracts that can be awarded doesnot exceed one bid.

3.4 This tender adopts themandatory standard method qualification review mode.

4. Acquisition oftender documents

4.1 Allinterested bidders are invited to participate in the "Sichuan ConstructionNetwork" through the "Sichuan National Investment" at 0:00(Beijing time, the same below) on March 7th, 2018 (Beijing time, the samebelow) to 23:59 on March 12, 2018. Electronic tendering and bidding system forengineering construction projects. Register and download bidding materials(bidding documents, bill of quantities, construction drawings, etc.) with theunit CFCA digital certificate (Tel: 028-85569858). The tenderer does notprovide any other way of obtaining registration and bidding documents.

4.2 The tendererdoes not provide mail order bidding documents.

5. Submitting biddocuments

5.1 The deadlinefor the submission of tender documents (the deadline for submitting bids, thesame below) is at 9:30 on April 3, 2018, at the location of the bid openingroom for this project of Zigong Public Resource Trading Service Center (thefourth floor of the Zigong Municipal Service Center. No. 811 South Section ofDangui Avenue).

5.2 The tenderershall not accept the tender documents delivered late or not delivered to thedesignated place.

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