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Yuechi County High Efficiency Water Saving Irrigation Project Construction Project in 2017

Similar project performance and similarprojects individual performance returns

Publication Date: 2018-02-12 Status:Announcement

Name of the agency: Xin Pundian EngineeringManagement Co., Ltd.

Organization code: 91510106785407096W

Item Number: PF20170726015  Release Date: 2017-07-26

Project Owner: Aba County Rural RoadManagement   Office Tel: 0837-2482384

Name of Project: New (Renovated)Construction Project of Aba County to Ribei Township of S220 Line of ProvincialHighway (Aba County to Shaermu Section) Construction Site Aba County

Entrusted bidding agency contract

Name of registered investment authority:Aba County Development Reform and Economic Business Information Bureau Time:2017-09-18

Project Leader's Name: Su Bo      Citizen ID Number: 510103********0350

Main professional technicians:

(1) Name: Jing Xiaoyu citizen ID number:510922********7658

(2) Name: Lin Shujuan Citizen ID Number:510102********8928

(3) Name: Chen Li Citizen ID Number:510623********7729

(4) Name: Yang Peng Citizen ID Number:510106********2537

Agency tender amount (10 million yuan):64.479

The last successful bid issuance time:2018-01-30

Project Category: Highway Bridges

1. Comparison conditions

This project was selected as a nationalinvestment project within the administrative area of Sichuan Province, and wasapproved by the Development and Reform Commission of the Aba Tibetan and QiangAutonomous Prefecture (name of the approving authority) (the approval documentfor the bid is No. 26 of the State Development and Reform Commission [2017] No.26). The form of the bid invitation is the entrusted bidding, and thecomparison and selection document for the development and reform of the AbaCounty and the filing number of the Bureau of Economic and Business Information(name of the investment authority) is A County Development and Reform: 2017(by) No. 63.

2. Project Overview

2.1 Project Owner: Aba County Rural RoadManagement Office

2.2 Construction Site: Aba County

2.3 Project Scale: 92.5 kilometers of theroute, subgrade, road surface, drainage and bridge and culvert protectionproject

2.4 Planned Duration: 720 calendar days;planned start date: September 2017

2.5 Total investment of the project:106,891,200 yuan

2.6 Sources of Project Funding: Nationaland Provincial Subsidy Funds

2.7 Agency tender estimate: 80978.50 tenthousand yuan

3. Applicant qualification requirements

3.1 Qualification level: The applicant'squalification level is not lower than Grade A of project bidding agency.

3.2 Applicant's performance requirements:Since 2008, the applicant has completed at least three (0 to 3) road and bridgecategory project performance.

3.3 Performance requirements of theproposed project leader: In 2008, the person in charge of the proposed projecthas completed at least three (0 to 3) individual projects with similarperformance. The winning bid amount for each project should be no less than the2.7 subsection “Acting Agency Bidding Estimation”. 5% of the amount (0 to 100).

3.4 There is no restriction of theapplication and there is no case of simultaneous application.

3.5 This comparison does not acceptConsortium applications.

4. Acquisition of alternative documents

4.1 All bid invitation agencies who wish toparticipate in comparison competition and meet the "ApplicantQualification Requirements" in Article 3 (have been registered for free onChuanbao Daily), please start from the date of the announcement of the electionto 10 o'clock on August 1, 2017 00 points (application deadline). The minimumtime from the date of issuance of the election announcement to the end of theapplication deadline is not less than 5 days; the time specified in thecomparison document is Beijing time), and the comparison file is downloadedfrom the Sichuan Daily.

4.2 Comparing technical service fees by200.00 yuan.

5. Submission of proxy application

5.1 The deadline for the submission ofproxy applications is the application deadline. The place is Aba PublicResource Trading Center (246 East Street, Wenchuan County). The applicant mustbe a registered tendering agency in the “Aba State Public Resource TradingCenter Intermediary Institution Credit System”. .

5.2 Agent applications should be submittedby the applicant's own personnel.

5.3 Overdue or non-delivery of the agent'sapplication for the designated place shall not be accepted by the candidate.

6. Review and random selection

6.1 The candidate on the day of theapplicant's submission of the agency application shall establish the evaluationcommittee according to the provisions of the agency application received. Theassessment shall be conducted in accordance with Chapter III “AccreditationMethods and Standards”. The evaluation score shall be 90 (60 or 70 or 80 or 90points (4 or more) or more applicants (3 or more), randomly selected oneapplicant as a successful candidate from eligible applicants

6.2 Random selection shall be conductedunder the supervision of the applicant's agent application submission personneland the relevant supervision department.

7. Media for announcements

The announcement of the election waspublished on the website of Sichuan Daily (

8. Contact information

Selector: Aba County Rural Road ManagementOffice

Address: No. 19, Deji Road, Aba County

Code: 624600

Contact person: Hu Min

Phone: 0837-2482384

Fax: 0837-2482384

July 26, 2017 (Internet time)

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