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Bidding agency project


Housing Construction


1. Constructionof First-phase Project of Anjufang in Five Villages and Townships in Longmen,Nanba, etc. in Pingwu County

2. QixianMountain Scenic Spot Nursery Parking Project

3. Jiangyou CityNational Tax Bureau Comprehensive Business Office

4. Yanlong CountyYulong Town Government Office Building (Bundling) Post-Disaster ReconstructionProject

5. The originalsite redevelopment project of the Fujing Branch of the Agricultural Bank ofYanting Branch

6. Longmen townnursing home reconstruction project

7. Pingwu TourismSignboard Building Construction Project

8. Infrastructureand other infrastructure construction projects in Nanba Town, Pingwu County

9. Pingwu CountyBaima Tibetan Township People's Government, Village-level Public ServiceFacilities Restoration and Reconstruction Project

10. Ping'an County LonganZhenbaosi Street Community Neighborhood Committee Reinforcement MaintenanceProject

11. GaowuTownship Cultural Station, Elderly Activity Center Project in Pingwu County andGaocun Village-level Comprehensive Public Service Facility (Daiba Village)Rehabilitation Project

13. AnxianEnvironmental Protection Bureau Environmental Supervision CapacityReconstruction Project

14. Post-earthquakereconstruction project of the nursing home for seniors in Gushui Town, AnCounty

15. DisasterRecovery and Reconstruction Project of Zhongjiang County Sports Center

16. Maintenanceand office reinforcement project of the Guanghan City Branch of theAgricultural Bank of China

17. GuanghanEnvironmental Protection Bureau's Environmental Supervision and RenovationConstruction Project

18. Lianshan TownLow-rent Housing Project in Guanghan City

19.Post-earthquake Reconstruction Project of the Three Centers and OfficeBuildings of the General Labor Union of Guanghan City

20. Construction Project ofPost-disaster Reconstruction of Livestock and Poultry Housing in Guanghan City

21.Post-earthquake reconstruction project of nursing home in Tumen Town, MianzhuCity

22. Zundao TownVillage Road Construction Project, Mianzhu City

23. Three VillageResettlement Housing Projects in Dafo Village, Qishan Town

24. EmeishanShenli Company's Staff Quarters Dangerous Housing Demolition of Off-siteReconstruction Project

25. Hebei Roaddemolition resettlement housing project

26. Ya'an CityYucheng District Animal Epidemic Prevention and Quarantine Center BusinessHousing Construction Project

27. ComprehensiveWarehouse Construction Project of Sichuan Forest Pest Control and QuarantineStation

28. Miyi Countyintroduced talent residential building project

29. Yibin No. 8Middle School Teaching Complex Project

30. Constructionof the first-phase project of the Rongxian Social Assistance and Welfare ServiceCenter

31. Jianyang City5.12 Earthquake Housing Construction and Reinforcement Project

32. Constructionof Regional Projects for Early Warning and Control of Agricultural Pests inLezhi County

33. ZiyangYanjiang District People's Hospital Business Housing Expansion Project

34. ComprehensivePest Prevention and Control Project for Agricultural Pests at Dazhu County

35. PanzhihuaCity Electronic Technology School Experimental Building Project

36. Canteen,Renmin District Ethnic Secondary School, Panzhihua, Canteen, Office Building,Laboratory Complex Building Project

37. Miyue CountyNo. 4 Middle Elementary School School Safety Project Female Student DormitoryConstruction Project

38. ShifangMetrology Inspection Building and Quality Inspection Center Project

39. Shizuo CityMazu Dongyue Elementary School Pingping Project and Nanquan Siping ElementarySchool Project

40. Recovery andReconstruction Project of Gexianshan Town Village Activity Center in PengzhouCity

1. ChengduQingshiqiao Ancient Building Maintenance Project

42. Constructionof basic political power in townships in Danba

43.Post-earthquake reconstruction project for 3 nursing homes in Yunxiang County,etc.

44. NewComprehensive Building Project in Dongliu Middle School, Dazhu County

45. ZeroEighty-one Electronic Group Sichuan Guangming Electromechanical Co., Ltd.Post-disaster Reconstruction Anjufang (South District-A) Project

46. SecondBatch of Resettlement Housing in Songjiaba Industrial Concentration Zone

47. Post-DisasterReconstruction of Office Buildings of Baoxing County Local Taxation Bureau andLocal Taxation Bureau of Baoxing County 48. Post-Disaster Reconstruction Project

49. Santai CountyPublic Rental Housing Tashan Project No.1 and No.2 Building Projects in 2011

50. Sports Groundand Student Canteen Project Construction Project

Highway bridges


1. YouxianDistrict Rural Highway Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Central FundProject Engineering Shengli Road and other projects

2. RoadReconstruction Project of the Central Fund Project for Disaster Recovery andReconstruction of Rural Roads in Youxian District of Mianyang City in 2009

3. Post-disastermaintenance and reinforcement of Dongjiagou Anchang River Bridge (YingyingBridge), Anchanghe Bridge and Sanhui Road viaduct in Mianyang City

4. Nanmu Riverright bank embankment project in Shimian County

5. Road trafficengineering of roads and ancillary facilities in Xiaoshui Industrial Park,Shimian County (Shuishui Village Road Reconstruction Project)

6. JinchuanCounty Guanyin Bridge Construction Project

7. JinchuanCounty Guanyinqiao Market Town Infrastructure Construction Project

8. Guan HuluJiantou Road Reconstruction Project from Fish Town to Hushi Section

9. Road andBridge Construction Projects in the Core Area of "Yunzhen Huatian"Rural Tourism Project

10. Post-disastermaintenance of Tuanshan Bridge on Wuma Road

12. LongshouCounty Bohai Hot Spring Ma Cunba Stone Arch Bridge Project

13. New UrbanRoad Project in Tongxing District, Huaikou Town, Jintang County

14. ShifangMetrology and Inspection Center and Quality Inspection Center Project

15. Gold AppleNursery Road Works

16. JintangCounty Gaosan Road Reconstruction Project

17.JianyangHuayuan Street to Sansanqiao Road Reconstruction Project

18. Jianyang CityIndustrial Park Jiajia Small and Medium Enterprises Park Longitudinal 3-A roadproject (Phase 1)

19. Futian RoadReconstruction Project

20. Changzhi RoadSection 4 Road Project

Land Consolidation


1. Handan City2011 Comprehensive Agricultural Development Land Management Project

2. Landconsolidation project of Qilongzhai Village, Daxingqiao Village, MiaozigouVillage, Laiduncun Village, Banzhu Township, Gaoping District, Nanchong City

3. Yuedong Townand Sanchuan Town Investment Land Consolidation Project in Cangxi County

4. Zhongxin Town,Yucheng District, Ya'an City built new and built strong rejuvenation landconsolidation project

5. 6 Village LandConsolidation Projects such as Yingxin Temple and Sanhui in Longchang County

6. Cangxi CountyVegetable Facility Shed Recovery and Reconstruction Project

7. Pingwu CountyGreenhouse Reconstruction Project

8. Pingwu CountyPotato Breeding Base (Insect Net Room) Post-disaster Reconstruction ProjectConstruction

9. SichuanProvince Township Animal Husbandry Station Infrastructure Construction Projectin 2009 (total investment: 2.76 million yuan)

10. Pengxi Countyconsolidates the special plan for the return of farmland to forests 2009 annualconstruction project

11. ProvincialNew Rural Demonstration Film Project for Infrastructure Construction in 2010

12. LuojiapingTownship Land Development Project, Butuo County

13. LandConsolidation Project of Xining Township, Chuanshan District, Suining City (thesecond time)

14. KaijiangCounty Longlong Land Consolidation Project

15. DemonstrationProject of High Standard Farmland Construction in Shuangshi Town, Rong County

16. JiangyouCity's 2009 Central Government's Central Government's Newly IncreasedComprehensive Subsidy for Agricultural Resources Concentrated on FundamentalEnergy for Food 17. Construction of Field Canal System Project

18. LandConsolidation Projects of Xiping Town, Shi’an Town and Gaochun Town in SantaiCounty

Water conservancy and hydropower


1. SujiayuEarthquake Damage Secondary High-risk Small (II) Reservoir Danger Removal andReinforcement Project in Zhonghua Town, Jiangyou City

2. Dongfeng QuEast Main Canal Maintenance Maintenance Project

3. Danger Removaland Reinforcement Project of Maogouyan Reservoir in Yanjiang District, ZiyangCity

4. DongxingDistrict 2009 Central Government Small Water Conservancy Project

5. Shifang City2009 million mu of channel matching projects

6. Xuanhan County2009 Central Government Small Scale Irrigation and Water Conservancy Key CountyConstruction Project

7. Jiangyou CityField Canal Engineering

8. Guang'anDistrict 2009 Annual Agricultural Development Project

9. Beichuan YiAutonomous Region Agricultural Land Management Water Resources Project

10. ConstructionBidding for Dongfeng Canal Main Canal Maintenance Maintenance Project

11. Handan City2009 Agricultural Technology Promotion Demonstration Project

12. YanjiangDistrict, Ziyang City, 2009 canal support system and large and medium-sizedwater conservancy project reservoir fund project

13. TuyueReservoir Project of Unity Reservoir of Dongxing District in 2009

14. Shifang City2009 mus below channel matching project

15. Xiping Town,Santai County, Shi’an Town and Gaochun Township Land Consolidation Project

16. JiangyouCity's 2009 Central Government's Central Government's Newly IncreasedComprehensive Subsidy for Agricultural Resources Concentrated on FundamentalEnergy for Food 17. Construction of Field Canal System Project

18. National Land Development Project forComprehensive Land Development in 2010

19. Ruraldrinking water safety project in Youxian District, Mianyang City. Post-disasterrecovery and reconstruction of Xiaolan and Youxian Town Water Supply StationProject

20. Post-disasterReconstruction Project of Water Supply Facilities in Dawu Town, Pingwu County

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