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1. GuanghanCity's Environmental Supervision Capability Recovery and Reconstruction ProjectProject

2. Road andBridge Construction Projects in the core area of “Yunzhen Huatian” RuralTourism Project

3. CountyConstruction Project for Early Warning and Control of Agricultural Pests inLezhi County

4. ComprehensiveWarehouse Construction Project of Sichuan Provincial Forest Pest Management andQuarantine Station

5. Taiping TownYueai Village Pumping Station Project

6. Maintenanceand Reinforcement Project for Business Office of Agricultural Bank of ChinaGuanghan City Branch

7. ChengduQingshiqiao Ancient Building Maintenance Project

8. Miyi Countyintroduces talent residential building projects

9. Gaoping TownMarket Road Infrastructure Reconstruction Project

10. Dongfeng QuEast Main Canal Maintenance and Maintenance Project

11. ThreeVillager Resettlement Housing Projects in Dafo Village, Qishan Town

12. Gaoping TownField Town Infrastructure Reconstruction Project

13. Post-disasterrehabilitation and reconstruction project of agricultural machinery pumpingstation in Jiajiang County, Sichuan Province

14. Golden AppleNursery Road Project

15. New UrbanRoad Project in Tongxing District, Huaikou Town, Jintang County

16. Lianshan TownLow-rent Housing Project in Guanghan City

17. SichuanLongfeng Gorge Pumping Station and Canal System Restoration and RenovationProject

18. Shifang CityQuality and Technical Supervision Inspection Building and New QualityInspection Center Project

19. Guan HuluJiantou Road Reconstruction Project from Fish Town to Hushi Section

20. Guang'an Guang'anDistrict 2009 Agricultural Development Water Conservation Project Key Project

21. Reconstructionof the original site of the Fujing Branch of the Agricultural Bank of YantingBranch

22. Constructionof Nantuo River Right Bank Embankment Project in Shimian County

23. DujiangyanLongchi Town Market Comprehensive Farmers Market Project

24. 16 ruraldecapitated highway projects such as the project of rebuilding the road fromMiaoyuan Township to Hongfeng Township on Miaolong Road in Xuanhan County andFuxin Road in Xuanhan County (Xingkou Township to Qingyun Township)

25.Post-earthquake restoration and reconstruction project for elderly nursinghomes in Songlin Town, Guanghan City

26. Road sectionof the east section of Xingyuan 12 Road

27. Post-disasterReconstruction Project of Binhe Road in Chengnan New District

28. Post-disasterReconstruction Project of the Three Centers and Office Buildings of the GeneralLabor Union of Guanghan City

29.JianyangStreet, Jianyang City, Yusan Bridge Road Reconstruction Project

30. Jianyang City5.12 Earthquake Housing Construction and Reinforcement Project

31. Newconstruction project of Rongxian Social Assistance and Welfare Service CenterPhase I

32. Yonghui(Pengzhou) Agricultural Products Processing and Distribution Center Project

33. ConstructionProject of Redevelopment of Chengbei School, Guanghan City (One Lot)

34. Demolition ofDangerous Houses in Emeishan Shenli Company's Staff Quarters

35. Post-DisasterReconstruction Project of Chaotian District People's Hospital, Guangyuan City

36. ConstructionProject of "Safety Project" for Staff and Workers in Ganzi PrefectureIntermediate People's Court

37. Futian RoadReconstruction Project

38. Section 4 ofChang Ye Road

39. The floodprotection embankment of the lower section of Daduhechuanxindian in ShimianCounty

40. Floodprotection embankment project in middle section of Dadu River Chuanxindian, ShimianCounty

41. PingyangCounty Baima Tibetan Township People's Government, Village-level Public ServiceFacility Restoration Project

42. Reinforcementand Maintenance Projects for Community Neighborhood Committees, Zhen'an TempleStreet, Long'an Town, Pingwu County

43. GaowuTownship Cultural Station and Elderly Activity Center in Pingwu County andGaocun Village-level Comprehensive Public Service Facility (Daiba Village)Reconstruction Project

44. Yangmao JiuyiSchool Student Canteen and Toilet Project in Yangma Town

45. LingyiTownship Jiuyi School of Jianyang City

46. Pingwu TownCraftsman Village Small

47. Pingwu TownGaopo Village Small

48. ChaoyangPrimary School Teaching Building, Yifeng Town, Jianyang City

49. Stone benchJiuyi school toilet

50. Jianyang TownWest Jiuyi School Kanghe Village Small

51. TaiyangVillage, Pu'an City, Jianyang City

52. Shi ZhongzhenChangshun Village

53. Tongba JiuyiSchool Teacher Turnover Project

54. Jianyang CitySanhe Zhenba Jiuyi School Teaching Auxiliary Building Project

55. JianyangZhuangxi Primary School Teaching Building Project

56. Pinghua TownShenghua Village Small Project

57. ShipanVillage Small Project in Pingquan Town

58. Jinsheng TownQuansheng Village Small Project

59.Rehabilitation Medical Complex Building

60. Campus Culture andLandscape Engineering of Aba Vocational and Technical College

61. Post-DisasterReconstruction Project of Mianyang Youth Activity Center

62. Bid Sectionof Bodi Village, Tongxing Village, Tongxing Town, Ermuma County

63. GexianshanTown (Community) Activity Center Restoration and Reconstruction Project

64. ConstructionProject of Property Management Complex of Guangyouyuan Oil Community in WesternSichuan Public Administration Center

65. Purificationand Decoration of Micro-inspection Room of Affiliated Hospital of ChengduUniversity of Traditional Chinese Medicine

66. Water SavingSupporting Renovation Project in Huize Yuzhong Irrigation District

67. JiangyouSupply and Marketing Cooperative Project

68. MianyangTextile Co., Ltd. State-owned mining shantytown renovation project

69. MianyangPrison Education Center Supporting Facilities Project

70. Emergency DangerousSlope Dangerous Project of Lehe Homestead in Hejia Mountain, Daping Village,Tongji Town, Pengzhou City

71. ShenjiayanLandslide Emergency Drainage and Danger Control Project of Hongshan Village,Tongji Town, Pengzhou City

72. Emergencymanagement of the collapsed slippery body after Yangyun Guiwu, Group 2 of HuaxiVillage, Tongji Town, Pengzhou City

73. PengshuiPlant, Pengshui City, Pengshui Plant collapse emergency exhaustion project

74. The long-termvanadium battery 3#4# workshop renovation

75. Bohai CityPhase I Project

76. ShifangSiping Elementary School Project

77. MaoxianFushun Primary School Greening Project

78. MaoxianEthnic High School Afforestation Project

79. Maoxian HighSchool Greening Project

80. Mushi CountyTumen Greening Project

81. JintangCounty Shilong Primary School Reconstruction Project

82. JintangCounty Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Relocation Project

83. Affiliatedproject of the police station of Maoxian County Forestry Bureau and ShigekiForest District

84. Mao CountyPeople’s Court President’s Court Project

85. Armed PoliceAcademy Training Ground Project

86. Sewagetreatment project (second) project in Laochi Township, Chuanshan District,Suining City

87. AffiliatedProject of Mingle Village, Guangming Township, Maoxian County

88. Constructionof an Integrated Service Center in Guangming Township, Maoxian County

89. Jiuyi TeacherTurnover Project

90. Post-DisasterReconstruction Project of Office Building of Danba County Industrial andCommercial Administration Bureau, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province

91. MianyangYouth Activity Center Reconstruction Project

92. AffiliatedProject of Shaeryan Village Comprehensive Service Center, Feihong Township,Maoxian County

93. Affiliatedproject of Yigou Village Comprehensive Service Center, Feihong Township,Maoxian County

94. AffiliatedProject of Comprehensive Service Center of Sujiaping Village, Feihong Township,Maoxian County

95. JianyangSpecial Education School Teaching Building Project

96. JiangyuanTown Hongqi Jiuyi School Student Dormitory and Canteen Project

97. MaintenanceService of Jingzhou Village Comprehensive Service Center, Fengyi Town, MaoCounty

98. AffiliatedProject of Dujiaping Village Comprehensive Service Center, Baixi Township,Maoxian County

99. AffiliatedProject of Comprehensive Service Center of Caiping Village, Baixi Town, MaoxianCounty

100. AffiliatedProject of Hejiaba Village Comprehensive Service Center, Baixi Township,Maoxian County

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